System Resource Capacities in Windows 95

Abstract: Running out of system resources in Win95 causes EWin32 Error in Delphi

Running out of system resources in Windows 95 can give the Delphi exception "EWin32Error" with further details such as "in VCL40.DPL". EWin32Error is raised when Windows returns an error code. Following are some Windows 95 limits. The logical pens and brushes limit is probably the most significant for Delphi users since it will limit the number of visual components an application can create simultaneously. These were found on the Microsoft web page at:
Windows 95 System Limits
Windows Menu handles       32K 
Timers                     Unlimited
COM and LPT ports          Unlimited
Items per listbox          32K
Data per listbox           Unlimited
Data per edit control      Unlimited
Regions                    Unlimited
Physical pens and brushes  Unlimited
Logical pens and brushes   All in 64K segment
Logical fonts              750  800
Installed fonts            1000
Device contexts            16K

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