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By: Bob Arnson

Abstract: Daily news summary for 21 October 1999. Edited by Bob Arnson.

Sun up

Inprise has just released JBuilder 3 Enterprise, Solaris Edition. According to Inprise, "JBuilder 3 Enterprise is the most comprehensive visual development tool for creating Java-platform-based applications and applets..."

JBuilder 3 is a visual RAD tool that can be used to develop portable applications. The tool provides support for JavaServer Pages, Java Servlets, JavaBeans and Enterprise JavaBeans, and CORBA all based on the Java 2 platform and the upcoming Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition.

JBuilder 3 includes wizards and visual tools that assist developers in producing reusable 'Beans and Enterprise 'Beans. The integrated CORBA support should simplify and speed up the complex task of creating distributed applications.

JBuilder 3 Enterprise, Solaris Edition is available now at Borland's online store and should be available through software distribution channels by the end of the quarter. The new release sells for US$2,499 and current owners of any Borland Client/Server or Enterprise product can purchase the new release for US$1,699. Owners of Borland Professional products can get JBuilder for US$2,199.

Live, from New York, it's...

IDG World Expo has announced the lineup of keynote speakers scheduled for the East Coast Linux World Conference and Expo. Heading off the list is Linus Torvalds. He will be speaking on Wednesday, February 2 from 9:30 to 10:30 am. Larry Augustin, founder, president, and CEO of VA Linux Systems will also give a keynote address as will Steven Mills who is the general manager of IBM Software Solutions.

The conference will also feature "Network World's Linux Showdown." This "presidential-style debate" will feature leading commercial Linux vendors to answer questions from a panel of experts, each other, and the audience. The debate will take place Wednesday, February 3 from 4:15 until 5:30 pm.

The conference takes place at the Jacob Javits Convention Center from February 1 - 4, 2000. In addition to the keynote speakers and debate there will be more than 14 tutorials and 40 sessions presented by speakers ranging from Tim O'Reilly to Nick Petreley to Eric Raymond.

Visualize this

Visual Numerics has announced a new version of its JWave data-analysis and visualization environment. JWave is designed to enable developers to create and deploy Internet and intranet applications that allow users to visually interpret OLAP data. Visual Numerics states that, "Instead of studying rows and columns of numbers looking for patterns, trends, and anomalies, users can apply JWave's powerful visualization and analytical techniques to drill into the data."

Becayse JWave is based on Java and JavaBeans, the company claims that developers can work within their preferred IDE and that the tool works well with 'Beans provided by other vendors or created in-house. The product works with querying and reporting tools from Oracle, Brio, Business Objects, Cognos, and others.

Speeding up the dragon

Motorola is revving up its DragonBall microprocessor family with the DragonBall VZ processor and a performance upgrade to the existing DragonBall EZ microprocessor, the company announced this week. DragonBall is the "processor of choice" for a number of portable, LCD-driven applications, including all products using the Palm Operating System, according to Motorola.

The DragonBall VZ is a 33 MHz, code-compatible device that doubles the performance of systems using a 16 MHz DragonBall processor, its makers say. The DragonBall VZ also supports color LCD panels by integrating the necessary glue logic on-chip. Motorola's upgrade of its DragonBall EZ product bumps that microprocessor up to 20 MHz.

Among the features of the new DragonBall VZ is support for synchronous DRAM via the on-chip programmable DRAM controller and an enhanced LCD controller. The processor also includes an additional configurable Serial Peripheral Interface, dual Pulse-Width modulators, and an additional Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter.

Samples of the new DragonBall VZ are now available; production volumes are expected for January. The suggested list price of the DragonBall VZ is US$11 each in 10,000 unit quantities. Samples and production volumes of both the 16 and 20 MHz DragonBall EZ are are now available in 10,000 unit quantities for US$8.50 and US$10 each, respectively.

Dr. Bob's latest medicine

Consultant and Delphi trainer Bob Swart -- a.k.a. Dr. Bob -- has the cure for what ails your Delphi or C++Builder. Dr. Bob recently made available the Delphi 5 and InternetExpress XML edition of IntraBob version 5.0, his CGI/WinCGI tester and ISAPI debugger for Delphi 2.01 and higher and all versions of C++Builder.

According to Dr. Bob, by using IntraBob as host application, the user can set breakpoints and trace into ISAPI DLLs. IntraBob supports the WebBroker technology, including PathInfo properties to discriminate between different OnAction events and Delphi 5 InternetExpress (using JavaScript and XML).

IntraBob v5.0 contains a bonus DrBob42.dpk package that includes an extra set of five Internet components -- CRC, CRC32, SMTP, POP3, and FTP -- and one support unit. The DrBobCGI extra unit can be used for CGI debugging, according to Dr. Bob. All the components and units are provided as freeware, with full source code, and as is, Dr. Bob says.

For more information about Dr. Bob's latest release, go to

New programs for your Palm

Palm Computing has announced that it is expanding its service and support offerings for large-scale deployment of handhelds in the enterprise. The new programs will make it easier, safer, and more cost-effective for an enterprise to deploy, manage, and support mission-critical handheld solutions, Palm says. These are the first such offerings by Palm that are specifically tailored to the needs of enterprise customers.

Included in the new service and support offerings are the Palm Help Desk Training Program, access to the secured Palm Enterprise Support Web site, troubleshooting resources via phone and Internet, on-site service exchange units, and an extended hardware warranty program. The offerings support all Palm Computing branded handhelds, Palm OS software, and the newly-announced enterprise products, the Palm HotSync Server and Palm Ethernet Cradle.

At the center of this initiative is the Help Desk Training Program, which provides interactive, on-site classes for staff that manage the enterprise help desk, according to Palm. Currently, class topics include Palm OS training and Palm branded device training; content on new products will be added over time. Designated participants in the training program will also be eligible to use Palm's Help Desk-to-Help Desk Hotline, which provides enterprise help desk staff with prompt support for complex technical problems, according to Palm.

Palm's bundled service and support program begins at US$25,000 and is priced based on the nature of deployment. The warranty program is extra. Additional information on the program is available at

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