How do I avoid problems when installing Turbo C++ 4.5?

By: Christopher Moeller

Abstract: Workaround for error 69 or common installation failure .


I am trying to run the installation of Turbo C++ 4.5, but the installation stops after viewing "install.txt", showing only a graded aquamarine screen.  When I try to run the installation again, the installation returns "error 69."  Why is this happening and what can I do to to install the product?


When the installation program for Turbo C++ 4.5 is launched, the first window that appears is titled "Turbo C++ installation/Configuration Notes."  In Windows 95, 98, & NT, if you choose the default option "Continue," the file, "install.txt" is displayed in Notepad.  When Notepad is closed, however, the installation will not give any more options, but will also not exit.  If the installation program is launched again, it detects that an installation for Turbo C++ 4.5 is already running and will produce "error 69."

In order to avoid this problem, restart your computer and then run the installation program again.  When the first window appears, instead of choosing "Continue," choose the option "Skip."  The installation will then proceed normally and will allow you to install the compiler.

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