MS SQL Server 7: "Could not find object" or blank fields.

Abstract: New Unicode field types in MS SQL 7 - incompatable with BDE.


What causes BDE Error 8712 "Could not find object" when accessing MS SQL Server 7 table? Other Symptoms could be columns not appearing or blank.


MS SQL Server 7 introduces new field types called NVARCHAR, NCHAR and NTEXT. These types represent Unicode data and are not supported by the BDE.

The workaround is to change these field types to VARCHAR or TEXT.

Please note there are no ODBC drivers which have been certified by Borland which support MSSQL Server 7, only up to MSSQL Server 6.5 (see the Readme.txt file).

We recommend using the ADO components available with Delphi 5 to connect to MS SQL Server 7.

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