A Sip From The Firehose: November 11, 1996

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: Comdex 1996 in Lost Wages - Day One!

November 11/18/96
Las Vegas, Nevada

Comdex 1996 in Lost Wages - Day One!

I'm here at the annual Comdex show in Las Vegas (or is it Lost Wages?) along with 200,000=+ other computer industry attendees. This is my 16th consecutive trek to the desert to take part in one of the largest computer shows in the world (Cebit in Germany in the spring is the largest I think, SMAU in Milan Italy is also huge). This years Comdex show contains everything Internet. For five days I'll be here to present Borland products, talk to our customers and try to see as much of the show as possible.
At Comdex you will find all of the latest hardware, software, services toys and anything else you can think. The recurring theme for most of the booths at the show this year is the Internet. Every product that connects to the Internet, supports the Internet, or is architected for the Internet is here.

Comdex is not what you would call a "developers" show. The show is dominated by big hardware, big silicon, big software, big browsers. If you look between the huge booths you can still find the latest tools and toys for developers.

C++ Builder Sneak Peek

At the Borland booth we are showing sneak peeks at our new Borland C++ Builder, a rapid application development tool for C++ (think of the spec for Delphi 2.0 update and add in a fast C++ compiler and incremental linker). On the first day we had thousands of customers stop by to see it, Delphi 2.0, IntraBuilder and JBuilder.

C++ Builder will be released in the first of 1997. The press release for C++ Builder is available at Borland Online

SipFH readers may remember a browser recipe I posted earlier in the year for Delphi. Here is a simple browser written using the HTML ActiveX control and C++ Builder.


void __fastcall TForm1::Button1Click(TObject *Sender)
void __fastcall TForm1::HTML1BeginRetrieval(TObject *Sender)
    ComboBox1->Text = HTML1->URL;


object Form1: TForm1

        Left = 200
        Top = 108
        Width = 596
        Height = 516
        Caption = 'CheapScape Browser'
        Font.Color = clWindowText
        Font.Height = -11
        Font.Name = 'MS Sans Serif'
        Font.Style = []
        PixelsPerInch = 96
        TextHeight = 13
        object Panel1: TPanel
            Left = 0
            Top = 0
            Width = 588
            Height = 49
            Align = alTop
            TabOrder = 0
            object Button1: TButton
                Left = 32
                Top = 16
                Width = 75
                Height = 25
                Caption = 'GO'
                Default = True
                TabOrder = 0
                OnClick = Button1Click
            object ComboBox1: TComboBox
                Left = 128
                Top = 16
                Width = 433
                Height = 21
                ItemHeight = 13
                TabOrder = 1
        object HTML1: THTML
            Left = 0
            Top = 49
            Width = 588
            Height = 440
            Align = alClient
            ParentColor = False
            ParentFont = False
            TabOrder = 1
            OnBeginRetrieval = HTML1BeginRetrieval
            ControlData = {

Kills Bugs Fast - Congrats Numega!

Monday night I attended the 13th annual PC Magazine Technical Excellence Awards show. This is THE prestigious awards show at Comdex. I was very happy to see that Numega Technologieswon in the development tools category for BoundsChecker 4.0 for Windows NT. BoundsChecker is an indispensible tool for all developers who are working on Windows 95 and Windows NT software. BoundsChecker is more than just a memory-checking tool, it can also find thousands of Windows errors. BoundsChecker 4.0 works with Borland C++ 5.0 and Delphi 2.0 to help you find those nasty bugs fast. Find out more at the Numega website.

Delphi developers will remember that Delphi won the coveted award last year. I will keep you posted on other developer news as it happens.


ps: I know SipFH has been sporadic lately. I have been travelling too much and there is so much going on at Borland that it leaves little time for hacking and writing. I sincerelyapologize to thos who follow SipFH. I will try my best to improve the frequency of the my postings. Keep the faith and keep sipping. If you have suggestions for topics that I should cover, please let me know.

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