A Sip From The Firehose: June 25, 1996

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: If it isn't on the Web, it doesn't exist!

Tuesday, June 25, 1996
Scotts Valley, CA

If it isn't on the Web, it doesn't exist!

I dropped my kids off at summer camp last Sunday. Their summer camp has the usual activities: swimming, horseback riding, archery, and crafts. The camp also has a home page on the web (don't all camps?). Eventually the camp will add email addresses for each camper so I can communicate electronically with my kids and see the latest things they are doing (anyone for CampCAM?).

What am I going to do this summer? I have an ever growing list of activities planned:

  1. Spend time with my family
  2. Surf the web for new developer sites
  3. Go to the Borland Developers Conference in Anaheim (July 27-31)
  4. Teach OOP to Mickey while at Disneyland
  5. Write more Delphi, C++ and Java code
  6. Surf the web for new developer sites
  7. Go to my brother's wedding
  8. Learn to drive a race car at the Russell School of Racing
  9. Surf the web for new developer sites
  10. Read the Foundation and Robot series of books by Isaac Asimov
  11. Make it all the way through Myst (without using the cheat book)
  12. Surf the web for new developer sites
  13. Hit the surf in Santa Cruz
Many Netizens have said, "if it isn't on the web , it doesn't exist". Maybe we just can't find what we are looking for. For developers, there are thousands of web sites with information, source code, libraries, components and tools. Of course my favorite site in the Borland Online web site. There are many other way cool sites for developers. Here are just a few that are high on my bookmark file.

For C++ developers, a good site is The C++ Virtual Library. This site contains documents and hyperlinks to C++ language, tool and newsgroups available on the Internet.

A must follow web site for all developers is Geek Chic (pronounced "geek sheek"). Geekchic contains all things of interest to folks like us. It features great interviews with Grady Booch, Ed Yourdon, Donald Knuth, Edsger Dijkstra, Nicholas Negroponte, Bjarne Stroustrup, and more. The site also includes a section called "Geek Mythologique" that chronicles the history of geeks in literature and cinema.

The most way cool Delphi web site to date is The Delphi Information Connection. Here you'll find a web site that looks and feels like you're in the Delphi environment. There are loads components, information, tips, lists of publications and books, live chat area and more. You have to check this one out!

A web site that is great for all developers is The Coriolis Web Site. By the folks who bring you Visual Developer magazine, those great Coriolis programming books and a long time Borland friend Jeff Duntemann. This site covers all the languages, technologies and operating systems.

If you're looking for components (and who isn't), check out the Imagicon Software Component Resource. This site contains loads of information about software components of all kinds with hyperlinks to the manufacturers who make them. Component listings are organized by category and component type. Component types include: C++ custom controls, DLLs, OCX, VBX, VCL, and other custom controls.

If you're looking for applets, applets and more applets, The ultimate Java directory is EarthWeb's Gamelan "The Java Directory". Gamelan contains a large number of applets (over 1000 and growing), information and hyperlinks to other Java sites. A must for your bookmark file.

If you're interested in programming languages (I certainly qualify), you should definitely check out the Programming Language Research home page at Carnegie Mellon University. This web site contains information and resources for programming language theory, design,and implementation.

If you do any programming for Windows, Windows95 or WindowsNT (and who doesn't these days), definitely bookmark the Developers Only page at Microsoft.

The one web column that I check and read each day (besides the Borland web site) is Suck. To quote from their mission statement: "Suck, an experiment in provocation, mordant deconstructionism, and buzz-saw journalism. Cathode-addled netsurfers flock to shallow waters - Suck is the dirty syringe, hidden in the sand. You wanted feedback? Cover your ears and watch your back ...it wants you too." Check it out each morning. While it's not a site directly related to developers or development, if you are using or developing for the Internet, you might glean some wisdom from their daily column.

These are only a few of the excellent developer web sites. Send me your favorites, I'd love to take a sip from them. This weekend, with the kids in camp, my wife and I are going to hit the beach, the pool and the movie theaters.

Surfing and hacking in the California Sun!


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