PlumHall Results Query Page

By: John Ray Thomas

Abstract: This application allows you to query for the results of the PlumHall C++ Validation Suite, Suite++(R), on Borland compilers.

Plum Hall Results Query Page



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This web application will return the amount of passed/failed/skipped tests in table format from a major section of the ISO/IEC 14882:1998 specification as judged by the PlumHall Validation Suite, Suite++(R)* "xvs99a". The following is a short desription of how to build your query with the select boxes.

Section:Selects the major section of the ISO/IEC 14882:1998 specification.

Compiler:Selects the version of the compiler (BCB 14.11 is the only available option at this time)

Results:Selects the PASSED,FAILED,SKIPPED tests or ALL tests from the selected section.

All FAILED/SKIPPED tests will have a combo box to allow for voting on the importance of the feature.

Actions:Hit the submit button to perform your query and the reset button to reset the fields.

The resultant table will display the section, paragraph, sentence and sub-sentence of the ISO/IEC 14882:1998 specification that the PlumHall Validation Suite, Suite++(R) tested. These can be looked up in the spec for more information.
Note: This current data is missing 5 PASSED tests from Section 3, 1 PASSED test from Section 6, and 1 PASSED and 1 SKIPPED test from Section 15.

*Suite++ is a trademark or PlumHall

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