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By: Lisa A. Sandford

Abstract: Daily news summary for 27 September 1999. By Lisa Sandford.

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Control that installation

Corporate developers and ISVs with complex software installation and distribution requirements will be pleased when InstallShield Software Corp. releases its InstallShield Professional 2000 installation solution Tuesday, Sept. 28. The package includes InstallShield 6.0, the newest version of InstallShield's industry standard setup authoring solution, and InstallShield for Windows Installer, a complete setup authoring solution for Windows 2000 logo-compliant applications.

InstallShield describes Professional 2000 as the "all-in-one installation authoring solution for all Windows platforms," including Windows 2000. The solution is intended to meet both the immediate and emerging deployment needs of any Windows-based software developer. "Whether targeting existing Windows platforms or expanding to Windows 2000, InstallShield Professional 2000 covers all Windows setup needs," said Brian Hall, Vice President of Marketing for InstallShield.

InstallShield Professional 6.0 is a direct upgrade from version 5.5. Features include InstallShield Objects, which eliminate the need to write or change scripts when including popular third-party technologies in a setup; event-based scripting that manages script by automatically enabling a standard framework for all setup projects; and an active dependency manager to reduce debugging time. Robust error handling enables installation authors to catch, modify, or customize error handling at run-time; an Add/Remove Program applet provides advanced control by allowing end-users to reinstall or uninstall applications or individual installation components.

For software developers looking to write setups that leverage Microsoft's Windows Installer Service, InstallShield Professional 2000's InstallShield for Windows Installer 1.02 is said to take the "mystery and complexity" out of creating installation setups for Windows 2000 applications. ISWI helps developers create setups that meet the installation requirements for the Windows 2000 logo.  The installer further streamlines the installation authoring process using wizards and advanced tools, such as a graphical dialog editor and SKU management capability.

InstallShield Software Corp.
900 National Parkway, No. 125
Schaumburg, Illinois 60173-5108
847-240-9120 fax

Inprise appoints new R&D VP

Inprise Corporation last week named Frank Careccia its new vice president of research & development.  Careccia will report to chief technical officer Jeff Barca-Hall.

Careccia has over 22 years of IT and software development experience, including IT-management positions at financial and manufacturing organizations. Before joining Inprise, Careccia was director of R&D for BMC Software Inc., where he was responsible for distributed DBMS backup and recovery products, including the SQL-BackTrack line.

As Inprise's VP of R&D, Careccia will be responsible for program management of the company's enterprise products, including VisiBroker and the Inprise Application Server. He will coordinate the efforts of the core product teams in the R&D, marketing, sales, support, training, and manufacturing departments.

2, 4, 6,'s easier to integrate

Integrating Microsoft Office with Borland's software development tools got a little easier last week with the release of DeVries Data Systems Inc.'s OfficePartner. The $399 suite of software components offers accelerated integration of Microsoft Office with Borland's development tools, according to DeVries. OfficePartner helps developers using Borland's Delphi or C++Builder tools take advantage of the power of Microsoft applications like Office, Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint in their own applications.

"DeVries has delivered a product in the true spirit of the recently announced partnership between Borland and Microsoft," said David Intersimone, Borland's vice president of developer relations. "DeVries's OfficePartner helps Inprise deliver on the commitment to providing the best development tools for Microsoft platforms."

Among OfficePartner's capabilities are point-and-click access to Microsoft office applications from your current application; easy integration of Office Automation events into VCL events; and complete source code. OfficePartner supports Office 97 and 2000; Delphi 3, 4, and 5; C++Builder 3 and 4; and Windows 95, 98, 2000, and NT 4.

DeVries Data Systems Inc.
33 N. First St.
Campbell, CA 95008
408-866-8136 fax

Laying the, framework

If you've been anxiously anticipating OOP.COM's latest release of jFramework, the wait will soon be over.  jFramework 2.0, the upgrade of the "original application development framework" will be available on Wednesday, Sept. 29.

jFramework is a 100 percent Java-based application for building mission-critical distributed applications.  The latest version is being touted as an e-commerce based, highly scalable suite of integrated tools, including object-to-relational mapping tools and an XML/HTML-based reporting engine.

"jFramework is a response to the growing need for a tool that allows developers using Java and object technology to develop reliable, scalable distributed applications quickly," according to OOP.COM. "Prior to that...developers were relegated to coping with the difficulties of distributed application development on their own."

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Chesapeake, VA 23322
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