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21 Dec 2012 Season's Greetings from Embarcadero Technologies
Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a Happy New Year
Embarcadero News Article
24 Apr 2012 AppWave Store Transforms the Windows PC Experience with "Smart App Streaming"
Embarcadero’s Free AppWave Store Gives Users One-Click Access to Thousands of Popular Windows Apps
Tim DelChiaro Press Release
24 Apr 2012 Survey Shows Over 72% of Workers Find Their Productivity Affected by Having to Search For, Install and Upgrade PC Software
84% of respondents would like the one-click access provided by Enterprise App Stores
Tim DelChiaro Press Release
16 Mar 2012 Learn About the Changing Face of IT in the Consumerization Era
Join Industry Expert Dana Gardner to examine the IT news and trends that are changing the dynamics of IT organizations
Tim DelChiaro Article
6 Dec 2011 Embarcadero Introduces AppWave, A Free Platform for Delivering Self-Service "One-Click" Access to PC Software
Over 250 Free PC Apps Available Such as OpenOffice and Adobe Acrobat Reader
Tim DelChiaro Article
12 Sep 2006 Setting JBuilder up to debug a remote application
Performing debugging sessions in distributed environments has been a challenge. We will show how to easily configure a remote virtual machine and JBuilder for that very purpose.
Louis-Eric Simard Article
13 May 2006 Welcome to BDN 2
Read a brief introduction to the new version of the Borland Developer Network
John Kaster Article
23 Mar 2006 Borland developer community is invited to take part in the IDC developer survey on open source software
IDC, Borland, and other IT vendors are participating in a survey to get developer perspectives on open source software. We encourage the Borland developer community to take part in this survey.
David Intersimone Article
13 Feb 2006 BDNradio: Live chat with Technology Partners about our Developer Tools
Listen to the replay of the chat Developer Relations had with our technology partners regarding the future of our Developer tools. It's a great source to dispell myths and rumors.
John Kaster Audio
10 Feb 2006 Borland tem planos de que uma empresa distinta assuma Delphi, JBuilder, C++Builder, InterBase, JDataStore e outros produtos de desenvolvedores
Em um borne do anúncio da imprensa e do blog de David I, Borland anuncia a aquisição do software de Segue e planeia-a também divest suas linhas de produto do IDE
John Kaster Article
9 Feb 2006 BDNRadio: Developer Tools Future chat replay
Listen to the replay of the audio chat regarding the future of our development tools
John Kaster Audio
8 Feb 2006 Borland plans separate company for its developer products
In a press announcement and David I blog post, Borland announces the acquisition of Segue Software and also plans to divest its IDE product lines
David Intersimone Article
17 Jan 2006 BDNtv: DevCon 05 presentation recordings
Watch the available recorded DevCon 05 speaker sessions now, or download them for later viewing
John Kaster Video
30 Dec 2005 Mapping Borland Tools to the RUP - by Yuri Marx
RUP is the most used Software Engineering Process in the moment. Thus, in your Tool Mentors section are indicated Rational Tools for realizes the activities and produces artifacts. In paper, will be showed how to use Borland Tools.
Yuri Gomes Contributed Article
17 Nov 2005 BDNtv: Boz Elloy General Session, "SDO, Solutions and Architectural Iniatives", 2005 Borland Developer Conference
Watch Boz Elloy, Senior Vice President of Software Products, give the Wednesday keynote at the 2005 Borland Developer Conference.
David Intersimone Video
10 Nov 2005 BDNtv: Tod Nielsen, CEO Address, 2005 Borland Developer Conference
Watch the 2005 Borland Developer Conference General Session presentations by Borland's new President and CEO Tod Nielsen, Chief Marketing Officer Rick Jackson, and Chief Evangelist David Intersimone.
David Intersimone Video
18 Oct 2005 BDN News - October 2005 - monthly developer newsletter
This article contains the October 2005 monthly BDN newsletter. BDN members who have selected the "BDN News" checkbox in their profile receive this email each month.
David Intersimone Article
29 Apr 2005 Borland is Not Open Sourcing JBuilder
Erik Frieberg, Borland's Vice President of Product Marketing, responds to a recent article in that misinterpreted comments about JBuilder from our recent earnings call.
Erik Frieberg Article
3 Mar 2005 FAQ for Borland's Investment in Eclipse
Frequently asked Questions (and Answers) regarding Borland's increased investment in Eclipse
John Kaster Article
28 Feb 2005 Open letter to the Borland community regarding our announcement
Borland announces it is significantly increasing its support for Eclipse by joining the organizations Board of Directors as a Strategic Developer, and by expanding our use of the Eclipse platform across our ALM product line.
David Intersimone Article

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