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1 Dec 1999 Linux continues to woo enterprise customers
IT executives who have been eyeing Linux as an alternative operating system for enterprise servers are beginning to see more diverse options emerge from the open source arena.
David Intersimone Article
1 Dec 1999 Microsoft, DOJ talks under way
The Microsoft antitrust battle moved Tuesday to Chicago, where lawyers gathered with federal judge Richard Posner, who has agreed to serve as mediator between the software giant and the government.
David Intersimone Article
1 Dec 1999 Mini-Zip Computer virus tears through companies
Experts scrambled to warn thousands of computer users that a familiar and damaging virus has struck scores of companies and could be slumbering in their e-mail inboxes.
David Intersimone Article
1 Dec 1999 Microsoft's CE to become "Windows Powered"
In an attempt to kill several birds with one stone, Microsoft is planning to revamp the branding of its scaled-down Windows CE operating system for non-desktop computers next year.
David Intersimone Article
1 Dec 1999 One of the first Open Source Legal Battles
John Lions wrote the first, and perhaps only, literary criticism of Unix, sparking one of open source's first legal battles.
David Intersimone Article
1 Dec 1999 US Government Builds Monster Linux Machine
The Department of Energy's Argonne National Lab has built its largest supercomputer system ever - a 256-node cluster that is to be based on Intel hardware and the Linux operating system
John Kaster Article
1 Dec 1999 Builder 4 IDE Command Line Parameters
Lists undocumented command line parameters for Builder 4.
Vincent Drake TI
1 Dec 1999 Why is my component giving me a "Stack Overflow" error?
How to get rid of certain stack overflow errors in custom components.
mykle hoban FAQ
1 Dec 1999 Changing BDE Driver Settings Programmatically
How to change BDE driver settings at runtime
1 Dec 1999 "Cannot load an IDAPI service library" error with a message of "SQLORA8.DLL"
When trying to connect to Oracle 8, I get an error about loading the library.
Corbin Dunn FAQ
1 Dec 1999 Book Review: "The Plot to Get Bill Gates"
This article reviews The Plot to Get Bill Gates, a gossip filled computer industry surve that focuses on Bill Gates and his competitors.
Charles Calvert Article
1 Dec 1999 Writing a fancy CGI hit counter in Delphi 5
Writing a fancy CGI hit counter in Delphi 5
Anders Ohlsson Article
1 Dec 1999 Lar Mader Tetris Game
A game of Tetris in Java from Lar Mader
Charles Calvert Article
30 Nov 1999 Inprise reveals what's cookin'
Over 400 Australian software developers got a rare peek under the hood of Inprise next generation software tools in Brisbane this week.
John Ray Thomas Article
30 Nov 1999 C++ Book Writers Guild
A group of programmers are coming together to form the C++Builder 5 book writers guild.
Charles Calvert Article
30 Nov 1999 Quality and ISO 9000
ISO 9000 certification doesn't guarantee quality, but it's a good sign that quality processes are being used. By Kevin D. Weeks.
Kevin D. Weeks Article
30 Nov 1999 XML Pocket Reference
Robert Eckstein's new book from O'Reilly promises just the facts on XML. Reviewed by Bob Arnson.
Bob Arnson Article
30 Nov 1999 Top stories
Daily news summary for 30 November 1999. By Barbara Stefaney.
Barbara Stefaney Article
30 Nov 1999 Cookies...good or evil?
Is it still paranoia if they really are out to get you? By Jim Kyle.
Jim Kyle Article
30 Nov 1999 Competitive drama
Cross-platform languages like Java level the playing field that operating systems compete on. By Bruce Eckel.
Bruce Eckel Article

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