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10 Jul 2012 VCL to FireMonkey migration made easy! – New free workshop and converter tool
Register for the Migrating VCL Applications to FireMonkey Workshop and get a free Mida converter download
Tim DelChiaro Article
18 Jan 2000 VCL++: Applying the Power of the VCL to C++ by Randy Haben
This article describes how C++ developers can take advantage of language extensions and innovations originally created for Delphi.
David Intersimone Article
24 Jul 2000 Vendor Initialization Failed error when trying to start InterBase application
6 different cause for the error Vendor Initialization Failed when connecting to InterBase
Borland Staff FAQ
26 Jan 2011 VENDOR SHOWASE: Compare, Merge, and Reconcile with Beyond Compare
This session covers using Beyond Compare to compare and merge files from the Delphi XE History view and Subversion integration. It also includes an overview and tips for using the folder viewer to compare source code, zip files, and FTP sites, and the hex and image viewers for binary files.
Calvin Tang Video
4 Mar 2011 VENDOR SHOWCASE: Add Internet Communications, Security, and E-Business Connectivity to Any Application, on Any Platform, Anywhere
Internet connectivity is no longer optional. As the world becomes more connected, so must your applications. Watch /n software showcase their comprehensive framework of development components and enterprise adapters for Internet communications, security, and e-business integration, and listen as they underscore key issues that developers face in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.
Calvin Tang Video
16 Feb 2011 VENDOR SHOWCASE: Best of Both Worlds: Native Delphi & .NET in Sweet Harmony
You have a lot of native Delphi code, but you want to make use of powerful tools like LINQ? You are going to build a new .NET-based application, but want to re-use your legacy code? RemObjects Hydra can act as a bridge between native and managed code, in both directions. This session shows you how you can get the best of both worlds into one application.
Calvin Tang Video
19 Nov 2010 VENDOR SHOWCASE: Beta Testing - Exorcising the Necessary Evil
An introduction to the beta testing process, the most common demons and proven best practices to expel them, focusing on low cost solutions based on leveraging minimal resources and rapid release schedules for maximum impact.
Calvin Tang Video
11 Apr 2014 VENDOR SHOWCASE: CodeSite Logging Strategies & Techniques
Video replay from the CodeRage 8 C++ Online Conference
Tim DelChiaro Video
4 Feb 2011 VENDOR SHOWCASE: Cross Platform Data with Data Abstract
Windows is great, but sometimes you want to access your data on the Web, the iPhone, the Mac or Linux. See how to use Data Abstract to share your data everywhere you want to be.
Calvin Tang Video
18 Feb 2011 VENDOR SHOWCASE: Delphi PDF Processing & Document Creation Technologies from Gnostice
In this session, we take a tour of the new versions and new technologies for multi-format electronic document creation, PDF processing and PDF conversion technology from Gnostice. We will see real examples of answers to often asked questions about this topic and tips and tricks on using the Gnostice technologies.
Calvin Tang Video
2 Feb 2011 VENDOR SHOWCASE: Implementing Video & Audio Processing, DSP, and Computer Vision with Delphi
Implementing Video processing, Audio processing, DSP, and Computer Vision with Delphi in minutes using the Mitov Software components: VideoLab, AudioLab, VisionLab, and SignalLab.
Calvin Tang Video
23 Jun 2010 Vendor Showcase: n-Tier in a Box - Data Abstract in Action
Data Abstract allows building an n-tiered system without caring about networking and DAL issues and it empowers you to build your application in a real cross-platform way
Tim DelChiaro Video
9 May 2014 VENDOR SHOWCASE: PDF and Office Document Processing Tools for C++
Video replay from the CodeRage 8 C++ Online Conference
Tim DelChiaro Video
5 Jan 2011 VENDOR SHOWCASE: Practical Software Test Management with TestRail
Most software teams already use bug tracking tools and project management software to track and organize their development efforts. But what about the software tests? Organizing test cases, tracking the testing progress and managing testing resources is critical to ensure great release quality. This presentation introduces the Web-based test management software, TestRail, and explains how software teams benefit from adopting such a tool.
Calvin Tang Video
7 Apr 2014 VENDOR SHOWCASE: Raize Components - Advanced Techniques
Video replay from the CodeRage 8 C++ Online Conference
Tim DelChiaro Video
24 Dec 2010 VENDOR SHOWCASE: Rubicon Full Text Search
Thinking of adding high-speed search functionality to your custom database application? Find out how using Rubicon can save you development time while providing faster, smarter answers to your end users.
Calvin Tang Video
21 Feb 2011 VENDOR SHOWCASE: UI Design with Raize Components
Raize Components is a user interface design system for Delphi and C++Builder. At its center is a collection of more than 125 general-purpose native VCL controls. Built on a foundation of technology first created more than 15 years ago, these high-quality components give developers unsurpassed power and flexibility without sacrificing ease-of-use. This session demonstrates how developers use Raize Components to build sophisticated user interfaces in less time with less effort.
Calvin Tang Video
20 Dec 2011 Version 2007 users - Just a few days before your upgrade eligibility expires
Upgrade pricing and special bonus offers end December 30th
Tim DelChiaro Article
2 Dec 2004 Version of MSVCRT.DLL included with InterBase 7.1
FAQ: Version of MSVCRT.DLL included with InterBase 7.1
Quinn Wildman FAQ
21 Dec 1999 Versions of DB2 supported by BDE 5.10
Below are the versions of DB2 supported by BDE 5.10
Quinn Wildman FAQ

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