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30 Apr 2003 Using the Rave Reporting tool, how do I make a Header repeat on each page?
This document will describe one way of making a header repeat on each page
Stephen Blas FAQ
31 Aug 2000 Using the requery method in place of the refresh method.
Some people have noticed very slow performance while using the refresh method. However it seems the using requery in place of refresh improves the performance significantly.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
5 Jul 2014 Using the REST Client Library in your C++ Mobile Apps
Watch a video replay of this session from C++ Mobile Day June 2014
Tim DelChiaro Video
23 Apr 2014 Using the REST Client Library in your C++Builder Apps
Video replay from the CodeRage 8 C++ Online Conference
Tim DelChiaro Video
11 Dec 1998 Using the STL in C++Builder VCL Applications
This simple article is designed to show that you can combine the C++ Standard Template Library in any way you want with the C++Builder Visual Component Library.
Charles Calvert Article
16 Feb 2006 Using the TDockTabSet component by Jeremy North
Instructions on how to use the TDockTabSet component to make advanced docking user interfaces.
Jeremy North Contributed Article
9 Oct 2001 Using The WebBrowser Component
A paper on using the TWebBrowser component, including some nif fty tricks.
Vino Rodrigues Contributed Article
15 Nov 2004 Using the XMLDoc tool for API documentation and HelpInsight with Delphi 2005
How to use XMLDoc to quickly and easily document your software and generate HelpInsight for your components
Aleatha Parker Article
17 Apr 2012 Using TOSVersion to get Platform Information at Runtime in your FireMonkey Applications
Part of the FireMonkey tutorial video series
Tim DelChiaro Video
5 Oct 1999 Using TRegisty::SaveKey and TRegistry::LoadKey
A example of using TRegisty::SaveKey and TRegistry::LoadKey, also explains the in's and out's of using these functions.
Kevin Scardina FAQ
12 Jul 2002 Using TTable generates errors when using Filters
Justin Swett FAQ
27 Mar 2003 Using two databases
You cannot access two databases from the same SQL.
Ben Matterson FAQ
6 Mar 2003 Using URLConnection with a Proxy Server by Daniel Horn
Using the Java URLConnection and HttpURLConnection classes with a proxy server is easy but poorly documented until now.
Daniel Horn Contributed Article
24 Jul 2000 Using Variables & For Loops in Delphi
Using Variables & For Loops in Delphi to cause a piece of code to get executed a certain number of consecutive iterations based on certain criteria.
Borland Staff FAQ
13 Aug 2005 Using VCL.NET with ECO
Demonstrates using VCL.NET as the presentation framework for ECO applications. Updated to include TListConnector
David Clegg Contributed Article
10 Oct 2000 Using VisiBroker for Java on the AS/400
VisiBroker for Java (VBJ) is a development tool for building, managing,
Borland Staff White Paper
11 Jul 2003 Using visual form inheritance with IntraWeb 5.1 in Delphi 7
This article explains a way to be able to use visual form inheritance with IntraWeb (5.1). Something that normally is not working.
Tjipke van der Plaats Contributed Article
14 Dec 2010 Using WebKit to render RPCL components into RadPHP XE visual designer
This video shows the speed differences between Webkit and Internet Explorer when rendering the same code and how using the WebKit engine can increase the responsiveness of the visual designer.
Calvin Tang Video
21 Mar 2001 Using XML and XSLT with Delphi 5 and WebBroker
<p>This article is aimed at Delphi developers who wish to make use of XML/XSLT in their WebBroker applications. I'll present some WebBroker extensions/components which make it easier to create XSLT based WebBroker applications. </p>
Vincent Parrett Contributed Article
23 May 2003 Using XMLBroker with IntraWeb
This article will explain how to use the XMLBroker in a IntraWeb application, caching data and updates in browser. And finally, how to resolve updates to database server.
Guinther Pauli Article

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